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    Post  Sia on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:36 pm

    <Hedonic Haven>

    Who is Hedonic Haven?

    Hedonic Haven was created by two real life friends the 3rd of July 2009 with the purpose of creating a friendly guild enviornment that aimed high in terms of raid progression. We had our struggle in Wrath of the Lich King, as our small raiding core and 10 player raiding ended up not yielding the gear that bigger guilds got from raiding both 25 and 10 player raids thus preventing us from competing with the other guilds.

    Come Cataclysm, things changed. Blizzard had now enabled 10 player guilds to compete with the 25 man ones, it didn't take long untill the result was clear. Since Cataclysm, we have had a steady place amongst the top guilds on Daggerspine, still upholding our small, friendly, skilled and experienced raiding core.

    Our guild is built up with a Guild Leader and and Co-Leader. We have found no use for officers in our guild as our players are reliable and require little to no supervision, and as that is said, they all have the leaders' complete trust, which is something I believe is needed for success.. We use a form of "Loot Council" to distribute loot, giving prio to the ones that need it the most unless anyone has another reason for the item to go to someone else.

    Our progress is currently standing at a:

    6/7 Firelands Heroic
    Glory of the Firelands Raider

    With the old content at;

    12/12 Normal
    6/13 Heroic

    Who are you?

    I honestly have no clue, but I'll tell you what we're looking for;

    Friendly, skilled players. That's it. If you have a friendly attitude towards other players and towards the game, know how to play your class and have a sense of humour, that's it, that's the player we're looking for. Experience is a bonus, but it is certainly not needed as long as you know what you're doing. We all started somewhere.

    If you think Hedonic Haven sounds like the place for you, but your class is not listed amongst the above, do not despair. If you are a skilled, friendly player but not amongst the listed classes we may still find a place for you in our ranks. Head over to our forum and hand us an application and we'll see what we can do.

    If you think Hedonic Haven sounds like the place for you, but you can't attend all of our raids due to "Real Life", do not despair, throw us an application anyway! We are always on the look out for back-up raiders that wants to join our ranks.

    If you think Hedonic Haven sounds like the place for you, but you don't like raiding, do not despair, we're also currently inviting any friendly player that just wants a guild to sit and chat and laugh at our bad, dry jokes, if this is you, simply post an introduction of yourself on our forum and tell us you want to join as a social member.

    We are currently raiding from 19:30 -> 23:00 Server time (UTC+01:00), every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    To apply;
    Check this thread and send us an application if interested. Please use our standard application form, but feel free to add anything if you feel there is something missing. Remember that only registered users can edit their topics, but anyone can post. So if you think you might want to edit your topic later, please, please, register on our forums as this will be needed if you are accepted anyway.

    For now,

    Good luck


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